About Dr. Prashant Agrawal

The Hair Transplant Expert

Dr. Prashant Agrawal is dedicated to providing his patients with the most beautiful hair together with the best hair fall protection available nowadays. He is on a mission to restore confident and make people live their life fullest.


Dr. Prashant Agrawal is a dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon, cosmetologist, academician and philanthropist. He is the founder and director of Dermadent – first of its kind state-of-the-art dermatology and dental clinic in Udaipur. He has also served as a consultant to GBH American Hospital heading its department of dermatology & cosmetology for more than seven years. He is the pioneer of the most advanced hair transplant technique called FUE in Rajasthan.


A bright and meritorious student, Dr. Agrawal is a Gold medalist from R.N.T. Medical College and a post graduate in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology from KMC Manipal-Mangalore (Karnataka); one of India’s most renowned medical institutions. A fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, he has been personally trained by Dr Ganesh Pai, a veteran in the field of Dermatology and Cosmetology across the globe. He then pursued the fellowship in Hair Transplant under Dr. Alex Ginberg in Israel, a world renowned surgeon in this field. He obtained training for LASERs and other cosmetic procedures under Prof. Niwat in Bangkok, Thailand.


Dr. Prashant Agrawal has had a meteoric rise and a well-deserved success in such a short span of 8 years of his career. To date, he has successfully treated more than one lakh patients in a wide range of skin conditions and diseases. Being the head of the Department of Dermatology at GBH American Hospital he has treated few of the most dreaded and life threatening skin diseases like TEN, DHS, Generalized Pustular Psoriasis, Various Drug Reactions etc. He also specializes in Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser treatment and has been practicing in this with the most sophisticated and advanced instruments available in the state. Other fields of expertise Chemical peeling, Botox, permanent and semi permanent fillers, Vitiligo (Leucoderma) surgery, Lasers (Hair removal, Scar removal), Iontophoresis, Electroporation, PRP therapy, Radiofrequency for Warts, mole removal, Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy, Narrow Band UV B Phototherapy, Microdermabrasion etc. He is one of the most popular and adored Dermatologists in the city today especially among the youth.

Hair Transplant : A milestone for the City

The most important contribution of him is to introduce the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods for hair and scalp disorders in Rajasthan. He has revolutionized the dreaded field of Hair Transplant by successfully introducing FUE in Rajasthan. With more than hundreds of successful cases of hair transplant, he is now a synonym to successful hair transplant in the city. Due to his continuous efforts, Udaipur city now is emerging as a leading destination for Hair Transplant Medical Tourism. With his pace of progress and high success rate of treatment, Dr. Prashant Agrawal is one of the most promising professionals in this field in the country today and have been rightfully recognized with various awards and guest speaker in international conferences.

Positions & recognitions

He is the treasurer of the state Branch of the Indian association Of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy for the past two years and an active participant of Indian Medical Association, Cosmetic Dermatological Society of India, and Medical Practitioner Society etc.

He has been invited as Panelist and faculty at various prestigious State and National Dermatology and Hair Transplant conferences like Dermacon. He has also contributed in writing columns and articles for various Dermatology magazines, news letters and books.

He has organized quite a few numbers of CMEs on Hair Transplant and also done LIVE workshops for the same at state level to make other people know and learn about this noble technique.

He has also been awarded as BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGEON by Times Of India in Udaipur.


Dr. Prashant Agrawal goes beyond the call of duty to fulfil is responsibilities towards society. He is very active in spreading awareness about the facts and myths about skin problems and features regularly on TV, radio, online and print media. He is a much travelled and a sought after dermatologist who has attended various workshops and conferences at National and International level. He is also invited as teaching faculty for Medical and Paramedical studies in various colleges. He has also been an integral part of numerous camps doing his best to make people look & feel beautiful.


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