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In past 7+ years, Dr. Prashant Agrawal has changed life of 100000+ patients at The DermaDent Clinic
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In the past 7 years, Dr. Prashant Agrawal has blissfully treated over hundreds of successful cases of hair transplant. Below are some photos of the BEFORE and AFTER conditions of our esteemed patients.

All pictures are published with due permissions

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Below are all verbatim from our hair transplant patients published with their written consent.

  • Chitrang Sisodia
    It's good as I expected. dermadent clinic is the best in the world for hair transplant surgery and no doubt Dr Prashant Agrawal and his whole team is the best hair transplant team in the world thank you everyone for the change I experienced in my life.
  • Jk Javed
    Almost one year completed after my hair transplant done at dermadent clinic done by Dr Prashant Agarwal. It is such a wonderful experience when I saw my aperence before and after the transplant. I want to recommend this clinic. As Dr Prashant Agarwal and his team is doing a great job by giving back a forgotten identity to the patient. Thanks for everything Javed
  • Rohan Guwalani
    Few years back I was literally suffering from male pattern baldness I was really very depressed by the feeling that my hair fall was increasing day by day more that i came to know about Dr Prashant Agrawal by once meeting him i was highly satisfied that this could be the place where I can undergo my hair transplant surgery and now after one year of my hair transplant surgery now I totally have very different look today Dr Prashant is the best hair transplant surgeon one could blindly believe on and his whole team and his staff are to very supportive thank you so much DermaDent Clinic.
  • Sanjay Sharma
    This is best Transplant in Rajasthan Dr. Prashant sir is best. I hop every person transplants to Derma Dent Clinic . I got 100% Result in transplant
  • Prakash Jat
    My age was 36 when I was suffering from male pattern baldness I was in depression and lost my confidence would feel having ashamed as having no hair on my head and than I came to know about Dr. Prashant Agrawal that is the best hair transplant surgeon I came to know across and really after I got my hair transplant done from DermaDent Clinic now I could a new different charm and smile on my face thank you Dr Prashant Agrawal and his team for such great work thank you thank you so much I would really say that Dr Prashant is the best hair transplant surgeon all over India.
  • Dinesh Sharma
    I had done my hair transplant surgery at DermaDent Clinic I was not expecting the result what I got after hair transplant i was very much scared before whether it would be safe for me or not if any thing would happen to me at the time of surgery but really nothing happened and I just got my unexpected result Dr Prashant Agrawal. I'd the best hair transplants surgeon I would recommend everyone that if any one thinking for going hair transplant surgery DermaDent Clinic Is the best place to go for the decision.
  • Thor Son of Odin
    Very much happy and satisfied by my hair transplant results after 7 months of my surgery now I m not able to believe that this could be actually possible because the results what I got after hair transplant is unexpected because my front half completely bald and now have a nice thick and healthy hairs again thank you Dr Prashant Agarwal for making the huge difference in my life thank you verry very much.
  • Yash Rander
    I am very very much satisfied by the result what i got after my hair transplant surgery i could not ever imagine that this could ever be possible that i would able to regain my smile and confidence back in my life..the smile now what i have on my face is totally different and we could say and recommend everyone that Dr Prashant Agarwal is the best Hair transplant surgeon all over the world and staff here is also very coperative and helpful by nature.
  • Vikas Gaur
    Hi I am Vikas I am sharing my experience with DermaDent Clinic, Udaipur. I was loosing my hair at the age of 32 . Not loosing almost I had lost 40 % of my hair. I heard about DermaDent from some people who did hair transplant from same clinic and they were very positive about it. I was very skeptical about the treatment but al last I made my mind to go for it..I am telling you guys My experience was awesome. Now I suggest people from mumbai also where I work if you want to transplant your hair do it from DermaDent.. Thank you Dermadent..
  • Gaurav Salvi
    It was a very a great experience to meet Dr. Prashant Agrawal and is to described to my hair problem and he give us a good suggestions about hair transplant I got my hair transplant results very good thank you very much to Dr Prashant and all of staff members of DermaDent Clinic and staff are very friendly and it's was good experience of my life ☺😊
  • Rohitashv
    Hello this is rohitashv..last year I had undergone hair transplant surgery at Dr Prashant Agrawal Dermadent clinic and the results what I got this is very much satisfying for me..i'm very much satisfied by the results and the most important thing the environment what I experienced with the whole Hair transplant team...the way they treat and be with you is just like an being with the family... and I am very much blessed that I took a decision for going Hair transplant surgery at dermadent clinic because the result what I got of mine was really unexpected.. now everyone when they look at me ask me everytime how this change could be possible, you look so different now and very much young.. The confidence what I lost because of the baldness now after the surgery just got boosted up and I would suggest everyone that you should come an meet Dr Prashant Sir for once after that it's your wish from where ever you go for hair transplant...but once I would highly recommend everyone that once come and meet the Dr and his whole team you will definitely feel that this is the best place for hair transplant and in the best price because this is my own experience and you will never find such an good environment anywhere, because before going for hair transplant surgery I already consultant with many doctors but I was not able bulit that faith on them what I experienced here even after one year of surgery I still come and consult to him and the team..thank you so much Dr. Prashant Agrawal and the Dermadent team.
  • Suraj
    Hi everyone, my name is suraj and I want to share my experience with DermaDent clinic, I came here first in October 2016 when I came here for the first time I had no was completely clean.. full bald then i came to know about hair transplant from you tubes videos and all that but once when I met Dr.Prashant and his team they let me knew about that it is a very simple and a painless procedure and I was not given any false commitment or unrealistic expectation to me that there be any fantastic and fabulous results...but the results what I got after hair transplant were really really satisfying for me..good thing about Dr.Prashant agrawal is that he is very professional and the team is fantastic , they know what they are doing they are very good at there job they make you feel very comfortable at the clinic, they always greet you with an positive attitude...after having hair transplant surgery I experienced a fantastic change in my I feel more confident more positive towards life..what I could say about this clinic... is that they are very good people..and i would personally recommended everyone that please don't suffer anymore from the Baldness problem and get your hair transplant surgery done at DermaDent clinic.
  • Naresh kumar Prajapat
    I took lot of treatment for 1-2 years from everywhere for my hair and applied different lotions on my hair but nothing worked that could be useful for my hair loss..I just used to feel ugly.. shy & uncomfortable to go to any events or any marriages..Baldness problem had become a reason for me to just be at home as I was not able to face people...I lost my confidence and my smile too... then I came to know about Dr Prashant Agrawal and I just came to meet him and shared my problem with Dr Prashant Agrawal, He made me aware about that now hair transplant is possible with the least invasive technique with no side effects..after thinking I took a decision and went for Hair Transplant surgery at DermaDent clinic and within one year the results what I got was was really very very much surprising and unexpected Dr Prashant sir, really changed my life..I'm really really very much thankful to him and his whole team thank you DermaDent clinic for bringing smile back again on my face thank you thank you so very much.
  • Deepak Gupta
    Hi my name is deepak gupta and I'm 39 years old..I want to share my experience with DermaDent clinic where I had hair transplant last year by Dr Prashant Agrawal sir..around 7 years back i started loosing lots of hairs and suddenly within 3 years I lost all my hair from the front.. it was completely Bald..I just looked very bad and I lost all of my confidence and would work from home but I was lucky enough to end at Dr Prashant sir clinic 'DermaDent' for Hair Transplant surgery it was really really very nice experience from my side it was a 1 day procedure and the staff there took care of me well and knowing that I came from Singapore just for a day and had my surgery and went back next day..this is around nine months back and the staff the whole service the prescription, the follow ups were excellent I would highly recommend Dermadent clinic to those who are looking to undergo Hair transplant and wish All The best to whole team.
    Deepak Gupta
  • Manoj
    Hi age was 32 when I was suffering from hair loss problem..and i used to look 42 years old... i took lot of advice from my friends and family members from where I thought for Hair Transplant...I had been out of India in 4 to 5 countries so just thought to for Hair Transplant in foreign country or any specialist in Dubai..I roamed here and there a lot..even talked to people from banglore and pune but I was not able to believe on any one..then somebody told be about Dr.Prashant Agrawal, that he is best Hair transplant surgeon all over Rajasthan.. then I came here and met Dr.Prashant Agrawal and his team.. after coming here and meeting him, I was in relief that this could be the place where I can get rid off my Baldness problem...and finally i took a decision to go for Hair Transplant from the day of surgery I could really enjoy the team involvement and dedication towards the work..and after 6months of the hair transplant surgery..i was really really shocked the results what I got was really really very amazing I could not even believe that this is really me the level of confidence and smile I was able regain was unexpected that once being 32 years of age I used to look 42 years of age and now after the surgery and in just 6months after the hair transplant i look like just half of my age now I only look 22 years old...10 years younger then my 42 years of age has been replaced by 22 years..the change i could feel in my life is really outstanding and this was just possible only and only because of Dr.Prashant Agrawal and his team..I would highly recommend everyone that DermaDent clinic is the best place one can trust without any fear and go for Hair Transplant. God bless...Thank you
  • Shyam Goswami
    Mene April 2017 me hair transplant krwaya tha. Me mere result se khush hu. Me Dr prashant or unki team ko dhanyawad krta hu.
    Shyam Goswami
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  • Sourab Patel
    Me saurabh Bansawar se hu. Mene mera hair transplant dr prashant ke clinic Se krwaya hain. Me mere transplant ke result Se khush hu. Me apne Dosto aur pariwar jan ko transplant vha se karwane ka suggestion deta hu. Dr prashant ka nature aur vha ke staff ka nature bhi bhut acha se. Thank you Dr prashant and his team.
    Sourab Patel
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  • Akshay Doshi
    My hair transplant done from Dr. Prashant Agrawal. Extremely satisfying and natural results. Finally results to good and happy. Very hygienic, beautiful and hi-tech clinic with caring staff.
    Akshay Doshi
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  • Dilip Gehlot
    My relative has undergone hair transplant at Derma sent clinic... What a result.. fabulous ... Thanks to Dr Prashant for such a naturally looking results.. you have releaved our anxiety..
    Dilip Gehlot
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  •  Prateek Agrawal
    Very professional. Dr. Prashant doesn't just put hair but puts it properly so that it looks good after they grow and the style suits your face. Took off hours phone calls regarding queries. Hospital was clean and hygienic
    Prateek Agrawal
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  • G.L. Goyal
    My Nephew has got the hair transplant done from Dr. Prashant Agrawal. Extremely satisfying and natural results. Very hygienic, beautiful and hi-tech clinic with caring staff.
    G.L. Goyal
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  • Kanishk Karnawat
    Losing hair is like a losing your confidence, as it is one of the important part of our facial charm. Thank You Sir for helping me to bring back my hair and restoring my confidence. It is said that hair transplant is not a cup of tea for everyone. The type of pain one has to undergo can't be expressed or measured.But Sir you made my treatment process painfree and comfortable. Thank You
    Kanishk Karnawat
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  • Anand Porwal
    It ws amazing experience...from transplant til follow ups..extremely good results...carng staff..boasted up confidency aftr treatment..thank u DERMADENT
    Anand Porwal
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  • Manish Chouhan
    I did my hair transplant at dr prashant Agrawal. All hair transplant team very kind and good nature. Dr prashant very kind person. At this clinic very good facility for patients. Seating area and cleaning to good. Hair transplant surgery room also very clean . All faculty very good nature. I feel very good result of mine hair transplant surgery. I want to suggest for hair transplant dr prashant only.
    Manish Chouhan
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  • Sharad Mishra
    This is fantastic feeling for me and thnx a lot Derma dent clinic for ur service and sepcial thnx to You Dr Prshant Agrwal sir for your kindly and helpful behaviour After hair transplant treatment i am looking again young and dynemic Result is Unbelievable for me Again thanks Dermadent and Prshant sir
    Sharad Mishra
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  • Anshul Gopalia
    Dr. Prashant and this team took my hair transplant case extremely very well. My result of hair transplant is very much satisfactory. I really recommend othera to have hair transplant from here.
    Anshul Gopalia
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  • Anup Aameria
    Great result !!! I have my hairs back thanks a lot dr Prashant I am fully satisfied with my hair transplant and good service corporatio provided by staff
    Anup Aameria
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  • Vinay Purbia
    Had taken hair transplant and related treatment Was highly satisfactory and good results Staff and medication is excellent Would like to thank dermadent for making it again for me to revive my hair
    Vinay Purbia
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  • Kapil Gandhi
    Really very very much happy the result what I got after hair transplant so natural looking hair's no one could even say or can identify that I have under gone an hair transplant surgery I was so happy with my first sitting of hair transplant surgery at Dermadent clinic that I have undergone second sitting fully satisfied very experienced team I have no words for Dr Prashant Agrawal he is seriously brilliant in his work and I would highly recommend everyone that Dermadent clinic is one of the Best Hair transplant center's across the country
    Kapil Gandhi
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  • Shailesh Kansal
    What to say about dr prashant agarwal really dedicated doctor i have ever seen. After hair transplant i have regained my lost confidence. Just a one day procedure and absolutely painless and your get your confidence by spending few thousand of rupees
    Shailesh Kansal
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  • Ashish Mathur
    I myself have undergone the hair transplant by Dr Prashant Agrawal and I am very much happy with the results. I owe my personality to him.
    Ashish Mathur
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  • Parasmal
    Excellent dental experience. My nephew`s hair transplant experience has also been highly rewarding. Besides the fulfillment of the main objective, the cleanliness, temperature, waiting area and all other facilities are such that one feels that he is at a very good clinic in a developed nation.
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  • Nidhish Limje
    I got back my hair and I got confidace threw Dr prashant agarwal sir I got 100% of my hair transplant hair in 6 month. Thanks a lot Dr prashant sir.
    Nidhish Limje
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  • Girish
    I took my hair transplant surgery by Dr Prashant Agrawal at dermadent clinic. I got to much satisfaction. Dr prashant clinic too good and hygienic . I want to suggest for hair transplant Dr Prashant clinic.
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    At a young age (24) when I lost most of my hair, the only possibility was transplant. It wasn’t that I had not referred to doctors before, but none gave confidence that hair loss can be averted and finally this situation. When I finally heard about him and approached him, he objectively stated the possibility of improving hair conditions as hair quality was bad. The transplant was done only in frontal area and medicines were given stating that let’s not rush into transplant for back but let’s see the effects. Result: frontal hair now look good due to excellent surgery and remaining hair fall has arrested and even regrown in some areas. The patience shown by doctor and his staff along with post surgery support was great.
    Manager, Flipkart | 25, UDAIPUR
    I got my Hair Transplant at Derma Dent Clinic and I am glad to refer it to all my family and friends. I bet you will not find someone better than Dr. Prashant Agrawal.
    I was looking for a Hair Transplant as I had lost my hair very early and was feeling less confident. I came across Derma Dent Clinic and got better services than metro cities.
    I am fully satisfy with hair transplant & I had no problem during this transplantation. And now I got much better hair then I expected before.
  • V. SINGH
    Hair loss and receding hair line causes a deep sense of despair, lack of confidence and even an absolute lack of interest in life. I thank my lucky stars that I met Dr. Prashant Aggarwal who is a gentleman and a thorough professional. I underwent one sitting of FUE hair transplant of 2500 grafts. My life is a new life now and the results are just unbelievably good. I cant thank Derma Dent Clinic and Dr. Prashant Aggarwal more. I would strongly recommend to anyone who is suffering from this problem to meet Dr. Prashant and get best results at very affordable prices. And the entire procedure is absolutely painless.
    V. SINGH
    I was initially very afraid of getting any procedure done on already reducing hairline. Then my cousin get hair transplant done with Dr. Agrawal and told me how painless and easy it was. I went to clinic for detailed understanding of the process and with friendly conselling of Doctor and seeing all latest equipments I decided to go for it. I am so happy I took that decision because the process was absolutely simple – no pain, no scars infact I could listed to my ipod songs while getting hair transplant done! And now I have normal hair-line and I am much more confident now….
    I look at least 5 years younger thanks to Dr. Prashant and Derma Dent Clinic’s team. Even after 3 years now, I find it hard to believe how I could reverse-age by so many years just by a one day procedure of hair transplant. My only regret is that why I did not go for hair transplant before! The team is very caring, understanding and well-trained. I am very thanksfull to Dr. Prashant for giving me my youth and looks back!
    Being from a modest middle-class background, I never thought I would be able to afford costly beauty procedures like hair transplant. But Derma Dent Clinic not only made it very affordable but also they have the best and most advanced equipments. Thanks to Dr. Prashant Agrawal that I could get it done without any heavy bill and got so good results. You are doing a very noble job. My best wishes with you always…
    Primary School Teacher, Bhilwara

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