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There are many queries which may arise in your mind regarding Hair Transplant. We have tried to answer all of them via this FAQ page. In case you wish to know more about it, please feel free to contact us.
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1. What do you mean by Hair Transplant?

This is the only permanent method to restore the hair in which ones own hair are extracted from the back side of the head and implanted in the bald area.

2. Who are the best candidates for hair transplant?

Patients who are permanently bald, i.e. who did not respond to medical treatment, have significant hair loss, aging more than 25 years with no medical contra indication to surgery and have reasonable expectations.

3. What are the methods of Hair Transplant?

Today, Hair transplant is better known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), in which follicular units are removed from the donor area by two means. The one which is known as ‘Strip Method’, an elliptical superficial incision is made in the donor area and strip is taken out which is dissected into individual follicular units which are then re-implanted into recipient site created by specific instruments. The gap at the bare is then stitched together. Another method is called the FUE.

4. What is FUE?

FUE is the latest revolutionary technique of Hair Transplant introduced few years back only, where individual follicular units are harvested directly from the donor area. A 0.7mm to 0.88mm punch is used to make a small circular incision around the follicular unit, which is then extracted out. This involves no cut, no stitches, no scalpels.

5. What are the advantages of FUE?

It is least invasive technique. There is no cutting or scalpel used. It does not leave any scar. Most suitable for those, who want to keep their hair short.

6. Can body hairs also can be used for transplant?

Yes, FUE is the only method by which body hair apart from scalp hair can be used to fill up the area, if scalp donor area is not sufficient. It is specially very useful in NH Coo VI-VII and done in multiple sittings.

7. How much painful is the procedure?

Once the local anesthesia is given, it is absolutely painless. To give local anesthesia also we use insulin syringes which hurt minimally.

8. What is the difference between hair & follicular unit?

Hair grows naturally in the group. One group which is called as follicular unit may contain one two or three hair in it.

9. Does patient remain conscious during the procedure?

Patient remains absolutely conscious. We make him even more comfortable by talking with him, allowing him to listen music, watch movies etc.

10. What precautions will have to be taken by patient after the surgery?

In strip method, sutures are put at the back of the head, which are removed after the 10 days while in FUE skin in donor area becomes normal just in 3-4 days. For both the methods few precautions like sleeping in particular position, restriction from exercise, avoiding strenuous work, are required.

11. If a patient needs multiple sittings, which method is better?

A. FUE is virtually free from scars so patient can undergo multiple sittings provided that he is having sufficient donor area.

12. What is the gap between two sittings?

Individual sitting of FUE can be done even on consecutive days or few days or a wear apart, while in STRIP method; one has to wait for 6-12 months.

13. What about healing period?

It is very fast in FUE, skin becomes quite normal (donor area) in just few days. No resting period is required as patient is mobile, immediately after surgery.

14. Do the grafts fall off after two days ?

Yes ,the upper part of the grafts which are implanted in recipient area are fallen off (not the roots ) within a month and the part which remains inside the scalp start growing in 3-4 months.

15. What about the scabs in donor area ?

They are fallen off in 7 to 10 days and nobody can even make out the sites from where the grafts have been taken after two weeks.

16. When the final result is visible?

Hair start growing after 3 to 4 month of surgery and final results are visible after 10 to 12 months

17. Do the transplanted hair also fall with the time?

No, it is usually for life time as they have been taken out from a permanent zone.

18. Why FUE is more expensive than strip method?

FUE involves more specified intruments, more hard work, more time is spent and needs more technical expertise,Also the entire surgery is performed by the surgeons themselves unlike STRIP method where almost 60-70% work is done by the assistants. HOWEVER, WE ARE SURPRISINGLY DOING FUE AT A COST ALMOST SIMILAR TO STRIP METHOD.

19. How one can know that how many hair are required for him?

It depends upon the area of baldness, also on the density required. To know that, you can meet to consult or else can send the front, top & back view photographs of your head.

20. Do the transplanted hair look natural?

Yes, the look is absolutely natural as the transplant is done by follicular Unit method not like the outdated punch transplant, where the look was not natural.


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